What we know for sure is that alcohol and drug addicts that actually work the twelve-step program rarely relapse. We also know that without an alcohol and drug free living environment most people have found that early recovery is next to impossible. Still others have found that without structure and/or support early recovery can be overwhelmingly difficult.

Turning Point’s mission is to provide the best possible chance of early recovery from alcohol and drug addiction by monitoring our resident’s twelve-step recovery through our in house management support teams while providing a safe, supportive and structured living environment.

By ourselves we are nothing. We are only as good as the people that God puts in our lives. Credit for our high level of success goes to the twelve-step program, committed residents, our kind referral sources and many helping friends. Without a man named Bill that made the financing and the location of our first house possible, Turning Point would not exist.

Our growth is a result of loyalty, teamwork, and striving to do the next right thing. Without loyalty little can be accomplished. However, with trust many of our dreams become a reality. Teamwork, of course, is where common people achieve uncommon results. The next right thing builds a house of stone rather than a house of cards that will fall with the first wind.

Knowing first hand the hopelessness of having no money, no where to go and no one who cares, I can never show enough gratitude to my friends in recovery. They taught me to stay on the action committee, let God take care of the result committee and not give up five minutes before the miracle happens. Without their advice I would not have stayed clean/sober since August 1, 1989 and Turning Point would not have been founded January 3, 1997. As an old timer once said, “you can’t change the world but you can make a difference!”

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